Eleanor Hannan and Elizabeth Dancoes's 1001 Funny Things you can do with a Skirt
Stories and art on the ancient skirt gesture of Anasyrma


Sewing machine (or free motion) embroidery on cotton: 23- 4 X 6 inch captioned panels for the story Lunch.

first gallery exhibit in 2003 at Convergence at the Round House

first public showing as an anonymous street card in 1998

Canadian Dollars


She slides

into one of those invalid-blue discomfort chairs

under ‘Gate 21’ where her future lay refueling

a tiny brown paper lunch-bag perched in her diminutive lap

I admire

the distinctiveness with which she slips

from this unlikely sack

a half dozen oysters

artfully arranged on seaweed

and how

with the gusto of a gossip savoring overheard conversations

she slurps them into mollusk oblivion

I pinch my inner arm

She presses her tongue along the corners of her mouth

and her skirts

apparently without her assistance

appear to rise and crowd her thighs

Certain that I am deceived by a trick of terminal light

I stare as

from the worn and torn receptacle housing the gutted bivalves

a platter of tossed greens emerges

coated with crumbled chèvre


a tasteful sprinkling of fresh raspberries

I determine I am witnessing the impossible

She pulls out a seven inch tower of Mocha Fantasy

when her flight is called

nibbling off a small chunk

with unconcealed regret

she replaces her fantastic post-repast indulgence

into its chimeric culinary bindle

and as she takes her place in the slow moving line

a gust of air conditioned fate

holds her self-determined skirts poised

like a hula-hoop about her rolling derrière

Now her plane is not my plane

so I do not try to follow

my feet firmly planted on the ground


I will be sure

so sure

that I have been privy to some mystery

that I will begin buying tickets

cheap ones, at first, to nearby locations

just to roam the terminal

hoping she will reappear

later still

I will begin to fly

farther and farther


more and more time

in terminals around the globe

when I find her again

I won’t hesitate

I’ll follow

find a way

to lay my head

in her magnanimous skirts

and perhaps
never return